Kari The Light


Kari The Light focuses on all things positive to brighten your day and light up the world around you. Meet regular folks doing extraordinary things, hear fantastic stories, get a little creative in the world of happiness and find out how you can change the world.

The Host: Kari Alexander is a journalist, author and philanthropist. The mother of two attributes her professions to her hometown spirit. She grew up in a small town in Kentucky where people took care of one another to not only survive, but thrive. Helping people and story-telling were two key constant components in her life. Since graduating college, she has worked in television news across the US, traveled the world, and interviewed world leaders. Kari has also lit the capitol of Tennessee pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, organized The Big Hug (spreading kindness worldwide), created the America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas (displaying unity and support after the Boston Bombing), and responded to natural disaster events in multiple states.

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