Illuminator Award

The Illuminator Award

The 2021 Kari The Light Illuminator Award goes to…Natalie Kate Reneau!!

Congratulations, Natalie! Thank you for spreading positivity and light into the lives of so many!

With the simple wish of kindness for Christmas, Natalie has made quite the impact not only in her own community, but around the world. Her wish triggered friends and families to go out and make a difference in their community creating a ripple effect that has touched 25 states, 5 countries and 3 continents.

Special thanks to Amanda Conde Stoltman for seeing the light shining in Natalie and taking the time to nominate her for this award.

Natalie has chosen to give the $1000 to SMILE2 (Supporting Minority, Immigrant, and Low Income through Educational Empowerment). This is a non-profit organization that Natalie has volunteered her time with. The families this non-profit serve are near and dear to her heart.

Thanks to Natalie the world is better and brighter. One person can make a difference!

Meet our 10 finalists

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Pamela McMenamy Stamy

Pam started a ministry called “Homemakers of Hope.” The organization has helped more than 3,000 families since its inception by providing various household furnishings such as kitchen supplies and beds to those in need.

Natalie Kate Reneau

Natalie started to make an impact in her community with the simple wish of kindness for Christmas.  Her wish triggered her friends and families to go out and make a difference in their community. Over the past 5 years that influence has encouraged people in 25 US states, 5 countries and 3 continents to do better and be better. See more on Instagram.

Joe Thompson

Joe is the owner of Crisp Catering and Gold Rush Grille in Sacramento, CA.  Despite nearly having to close his doors due to the pandemic, Joe and his team still found a way to feed health care workers and first responders.  His positive attitude and continued support of others is an inspiration in his community.

Shira Lane

Shira is the CEO and founder of Atrium916 Creative Cooperative.  Atrium916 paves the way for local artists to start their own businesses.  Plus, it offers internships for college students in an effort to help jumpstart a creative career and give back to the community.

Nikki Wardlaw

Nikki is a dedicated employee of College Track.  The program is committed to ensure that all participating students graduate college with a four year degree.  Nikki goes above and beyond as a mentor to those she works with leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Sharon Rohwer

Sharon is a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association.  This is a personal passion for her.  Her mother lived for several years with the disease before passing away recently.  Sharon chairs several committees, hosts events, and helps to educate her community about Alzheimer’s Disease.

Marie McCormack

Just as Covid-19 froze the world, Marie made a vow to her community to bring lunch once a week to recognize our local heroes. From March to December Marie delivered meals to nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers and EMTs.  Every week she posted photos of her heroes of the week. Those smiling faces lifted up so many in her community showing the power of an act of kindness.

Kelly Richardson

Kelly is a licensed therapist who has used her professional skills to create a blog called to help parents raising teenagers as well as a YouTube channel called Tuesday Truths to give counsel and advice to teens in their most desperate time. Her impact has helped parents and their kids navigate the stresses of the pandemic a little easier and given insight into what’s going on in each other’s minds.

Kristin Taylor

Kristin and her team of volunteers with THORN ministry serve hundreds of homeless people every Sunday in Tampa, FL.  Kristin has been feeding the area for more than 20 years even packing to-go bags that those in need can take with them.

Henry Darby

Henry is a principal at North Charleston High School in Charleston, SC. Ninety percent of his students are under the poverty line. So to help, as soon as he finishes work at school he heads to the local Walmart where he stocks shelves from 10PM to 7AM. His Walmart salary goes to help his students and families in need. His only request in return is that they pay it forward.

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