by | Oct 19, 2020

Pink glowed from the Capitol dome as we stood on its stone steps. I made an impassioned plea for women to get a yearly mammogram and to make sure to do a consistent self examination. I handed out brochures and gave stats…like one in eight women would develop invasive breast cancer. It never hit me what that statement “one in eight” really meant until years later. First it was a co-worker, than my childhood friend, next came a huge personality in my friendship circle and finally one of my spiritual leaders. All were diagnosed with breast cancer. Each one had a different journey. Some had multiple surgeries, others nearly died from chemotherapy, a few had bad genetics, another had no family history….No matter the journey, the disease changed all of their lives. But here’s the key…they are all alive. They had early detection. They had great medical care. And they are fighters.

Cancer is a cruel, sneaky disease. It blindsides us. You don’t even know it’s there until it’s too late. It took my grandparents. It took friends. It even robbed amazing parents of their children. My dad currently lives with the disease. My mom waits in fear her turn is just around the corner.

But this month…let’s take back our security, our joy, and let’s thrive. Go get your mammogram. Let’s beat this beast! Do your self-breast exam. Every year we get closer to a cure and better treatment. For now, continue to light up the room with your smile. Kari The Light to a friend and remind them to get checked out too.

And if you want to get active…there are a ton of virtual walks happening all this month. Be “Runstoppable” with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and sign up for their Virtual Treasure Chests 5k and Run. Just log onto or sport some pink, decorate your street with pink ribbons, or donate to your favorite cause.

Light up the world “Pink” in memory of someone you love, in celebration of a survivor, or in hopes our future that’s cancer-free!! To my warriors, you are amazing! You inspire me! And I carry you always in my prayers! God bless you all!

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