Episode 7

“Carnegie’s Legend”

Guest: Peter Crome

“Listening to Your Inner Voice”

Guest: Lisa Puzo Strickland

October 28, 2020

Carnegie’s Legend: One of the richest men the world has ever seen…he gives all of his money away before his death…Yet, his home holds its own story..two bodies hidden in the walls of the castle. We’ll learn about the legend of Andrew Carnegie, his giving spirit and the ghosts that haunt his home. Plus, what’s that little voice inside you trying to tell you and why is it important. We’ll find out how to harness your intuition with the founder of Intuition Evolution.


Peter Crome

CEO & Chairman of Skibo Castle, Scotland
Carnegie’s Legend

Peter is a Former Hotelier of the Year and according to the Caterer he is “Well known throughout the industry for being an ebullient and hands-on operator, he now intends to study history and art, alongside spending more time developing a hospitality scholarship in conjunction with the University of the Highlands and Islands.”

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